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Bahasa inggris bisnis 2 infinitve verb 1 verb 2 verb 3

Infinitive Verb 2 Verb 3 Arti
abide abided / abode abided tunduk
alight alighted / alit alighted / alit turun
arise arose arisen timbul
awake awakened / awoke awakened Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011
1. Antena : Antenna
2. Jam Tangan : watch
3. Lilin : Candle
4. Kartu nama : id card
5. CD : Compact disk
6. Rokok : Cigarette
7. TV tunner : Tunner television
8. Makalah : Working paper
9. Flashdisk : Flashdisk
10. Charger : Charger
11. Kabel : Cable
12. Kamus : Dictionary
13. Brosur : Brosure
14. Majalah : Magazine
15. Koran : Newspaper
16. Gunting kuku : Nail scissor
17. Spidol : Felt-tip maker
18. Kartu remi : Playing card
19. Uang : Money
20. Stabilo : Stabilo
21. Gunting : Scissor
22. Selotip : Sellotape
23. Lem : Glue
24. Obat batuk : Cough medicine
25. Handphone : Cellphone
26. Pulpen : Pen
27. Buku : Book
28. Modem : Modem
29. Komputer : Computer
30. Kamus : Dictionary
1. Kotak pulpen : Penbox
2. Pulpen : Pen
3. Lemari : Cupboard
4. Kursi : Chair
5. Meja : Table
6. Buku tulis : Writebook
7. Kalkulator : Calculator
8. Penserut : Shavings
9. Pensil : Pencil
10. Tong sampah : Blanket
11. PC : Personal Computer
12. Mouse : Mouse
13. Printer : Printer
14. Komputer : Computer
15. Buku catatan : Notebook
16. Kamus : Dictionary
17. Lem : Glue
18. Obat : Medicine
19. Binder : File
20. Peta : Map
21. Modem : Modem
22. Jaringan LAN : LAN Network
23. Salon : Sound speker
24. Kabel : Cable
25. Saklar listrik : Electric switch
26. Kalender : Calender
27. Jam tangan : Handclock
28. Jam : Hour'clock
29. Fax : Fax Machine
30. Monitor : Monitor
31. Gunting : Scissors
32. Uang : Money
33. Penghapus : Eraser
34. CD : Compact disk
35. Double tip : Double tip
36. Korek api : Cigarette lighter
37. Staples : Staples
38. Spidol : Felt-tip maker
39. Lakban : Cellophane tape
40. Rokok : Cigaratte
41. Flashdisk : Flashdisk
42. Sampah : Trash
43. Plastik : Plastic
44. Kuter : Cutter
45. Majalah : Magazine
46. Koran : Newspaper
47. Kertas : Paper
48. Charger : Mobile
49. Handphone : Cellphone, mobile
50. Stabilo : Stabillo


1. Mr Harris has thaught Eglish at this school for five years
2. I have writen three or four letter to that company
3. The students in this class have done those two lessons already
4. I have known Professor Moore for more than twelve years
5. Richard has taken three courses in English at this school
6. These steps are dangerous. I have fallen on them several times
7. Mr Kramer has been in the United States for three years
8. The Janitor has shut the back door
9. The students have read all of the stories in that book.
10. Majrorie has choosen a pretty dress for the party
11. I have spoken to my boss about the problem several times
12. That tree have grown at least five feet since last year
13. Miss King has spent over eighteen hundred dollars since May
14. Mr. and Mrs Smith have bought a new house in North Plains
15. The real estate agent have sold the Smith old house
16. Charles has had a bad cold for a whole week
17. I am sorry, I have forgotten the name of that book
18. We hear that new song several time
19. Mr Wilson isn’t here. He has gone out of town for the weekend
20. Mr Kennedy has wear his blue sit to the office only twice
21. I have sitted in this same seat since the first day of classes
22. The money isnt in drawer. Someone have steal it
23. Up to now, I have understood every lesson in that book
24. We have had absoulutly no trouble with our car so far
25. No one find that girls purse and gloves yet
26. The weather have been very warm ever since last Thursday
27. Mr Anderson and Mr Brown had lunch already
28. I have seen the empire state building hundreds times
29. We have spoken to the director and given him the message
30. Grandmother never fly in the airplane before
31. You have torn your shirt ! There’s a hole in the left sleeve
32. I have read the costumer letter and written a reply to him
/ awoken bangun
backbite backbit backbitten fitnah
backslide backslid backslidden / backslid kembali mengerjakan kebiasaan lama yg tercela
be [ am, is, are] was, were been
bear bore born / borne beruang
beat beat beaten / beat mengalahkan
become became become menjadi
befall befell befallen menimpa
beget begat / begot begotten memperanakkan
begin began begun mulai
behold beheld beheld melihat
bend bent bent tikungan
bereave bereaved / bereft bereaved / bereft kehilangan
beseech besought / beseeched besought / beseeched mohon
beset beset beset menimpa
bestrew bestrewed bestrewn / bestrewed menabur
bet bet / betted bet / betted bertaruh
betake betook betaken berangkat
bethink bethought bethought memikirkan
bid (farewell) bid / bade bidden tawaran (perpisahan)
bid (offer amount) bid bid tawaran (nilai tawaran)
bind bound bound mengikat
bite bit bitten menggigit
bleed bled bled berdarah
blow blew blown pukulan
break broke broken istirahat
breed bred bred berkembang biak
bring brought brought membawa
broadcast broadcast / broadcasted broadcast / broadcasted siaran
browbeat browbeat browbeaten / browbeat menggertak
build built built membangun
burn burned / burnt burned / burnt membakar
burst burst burst ledakan
bust busted / bust busted / bust payudara
buy bought bought membeli
cast cast cast melemparkan
catch caught caught menangkap
chide chided / chid chided / chidden mencaci
choose chose chosen memilih
clap clapped / clapt clapped / clapt bertepuk tangan
cling clung clung berpegang teguh
clothe clothed / clad clothed / clad menyandangi
colorbreed colorbred colorbred colorbreed
come came come datang
cost cost cost biaya
creep crept crept merayap
crossbreed crossbred crossbred blasteran
cut cut cut memotong
dare dared / durst dared / durst tantangan
daydream daydreamed / daydreamt daydreamed / daydreamt lamunan
deal dealt dealt berurusan
dig dug dug menggali
dight dighted / dight dighted / dight dight
disprove disproved disproved / disproven membantah
dive (jump head-first) dove / dived dived menyelam (melompat kepala lebih dulu)
dive (scuba diving) dived / dove dived menyelam (scuba diving)
do did done melakukan
draw drew drawn menarik
dream dreamed / dreamt dreamed / dreamt mimpi
drink drank drunk minum
drive drove driven menyetir
dwell dwelt / dwelled dwelt / dwelled tinggal
eat ate eaten makan
enwind enwound enwound enwind
fall fell fallen jatuh
feed fed fed makan
feel felt felt merasa
fight fought fought berjuang
find found found menemukan
fit (tailor, change size) fitted / fit fitted / fit cocok (penjahit, ukuran perubahan)
fit (be right size) fit / fitted fit / fitted cocok (bisa ukuran kanan)
flee fled fled melarikan diri
fling flung flung melemparkan
fly flew flown terbang
forbear forbore forborne menahan diri
forbid forbade forbidden melarang
fordo fordid fordone fordo
forecast forecast forecast ramalan
forego (also forgo) forewent foregone melepaskan (juga melupakan)
foreknow foreknew foreknown mengetahui sebelumnya
forerun foreran forerun forerun
foresee foresaw foreseen meramalkan
foreshow foreshowed foreshown / foreshowed foreshow
forespeak forespoke forespoken forespeak
foretell foretold foretold meramalkan
forget forgot forgotten / forgot lupa
forgive forgave forgiven mengampuni
forsake forsook forsaken meninggalkan
forswear forswore forsworn mengingkari
fraught fraught fraught penuh
freeze froze frozen membekukan
frostbite frostbit frostbitten radang dingin
gainsay gainsaid gainsaid membantah
get got gotten / got mendapatkan
gild gilded / gilt gilded / gilt menyepuh
give gave given memberikan
go went gone pergi
grind ground ground menggiling
grow grew grown tumbuh
hagride hagrode hagridden hagride
halterbreak halterbroke halterbroken halterbreak
hamstring hamstrung hamstrung urat lutut
hand-feed hand-fed hand-fed tangan-feed
handwrite handwrote handwritten handwrite
hang hung hung menggantung
hang (kill by hanging) hanged / hung hanged / hung menggantung (membunuh dengan menggantung)
have had had memiliki
hear heard heard mendengar
heave heaved / hove heaved / hove mengangkat
hew hewed hewn / hewed menetak
hide hid hidden menyembunyikan
hit hit hit memukul
hold held held memegang
hurt hurt hurt sakit
inbreed inbred inbred memperkawinkan yg sejenis atau sebangsa
inlay inlaid inlaid tatahan
input input / inputted input / inputted masukan
inset inset inset sisipan
interbreed interbred interbred mempersilangkan
intercut intercut intercut intercut
interlay interlaid interlaid interlay
interset interset interset interset
interweave interwove / interweaved interwoven / interweaved menjalinkan
interwind interwound interwound interwind
inweave inwove / inweaved inwoven / inweaved menjalin
jerry-build jerry-built jerry-built serampangan-membangun
keep kept kept menjaga
kneel knelt / kneeled knelt / kneeled berlutut
knit knitted / knit knitted / knit merajut
know knew known tahu
lade laded laden / laded memuati
landslide landslid landslid tanah longsor
lay laid laid awam
lead led led memimpin
lean leaned / leant leaned / leant kurus
leap leaped / leapt leaped / leapt lompatan
learn learned / learnt learned / learnt belajar
leave left left meninggalkan
lend lent lent meminjamkan
let let let membiarkan
lie lay lain berbohong
lie (not tell truth) REGULAR lied lied kebohongan (tidak jujur) REGULER
light lit / lighted lit / lighted cahaya
lip-read lip-read lip-read bibir-baca
lose lost lost kehilangan
make made made membuat
mean meant meant berarti
meet met met memenuhi
misbecome misbecame misbecome bertindak tdk pantas
miscast miscast miscast salah pilih
miscut miscut miscut miscut
misdeal misdealt misdealt berlaku salah
misdo misdid misdone misdo
mishear misheard misheard salah mendengar
mishit mishit mishit meleset
mislay mislaid mislaid salah meletakkan
mislead misled misled menyesatkan
mislearn mislearned / mislearnt mislearned / mislearnt mislearn
misread misread misread salah membaca
missay missaid missaid missay
missend missent missent missend
misset misset misset misset
misspeak misspoke misspoken salah bicara
misspell misspelled / misspelt misspelled / misspelt misspell
misspend misspent misspent memboros
misswear misswore missworn misswear
mistake mistook mistaken kesalahan
misteach mistaught mistaught misteach
mistell mistold mistold mistell
misthink misthought misthought misthink
misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood salah paham
miswear miswore misworn miswear
miswed miswed / miswedded miswed / miswedded miswed
miswrite miswrote miswritten miswrite
mow mowed mowed / mown memotong rumput
Tidak ada irregular verb yang dimulai dengan “N.”
offset offset offset mengimbangi
outbid outbid outbid mengalahkan dlm menawar
outbreed outbred outbred outbreed
outdo outdid outdone mengalahkan
outdraw outdrew outdrawn menarik lebih banyak orang
outdrink outdrank outdrunk outdrink
outdrive outdrove outdriven outdrive
outfight outfought outfought outfight
outfly outflew outflown outfly
outgrow outgrew outgrown mengatasi
outlay outlaid outlaid pengeluaran
outleap outleaped / outleapt outleaped / outleapt outleap
outlie (not tell truth) REGULAR outlied outlied outlie (tidak mengatakan yang sebenarnya) REGULER
output output / outputted output / outputted keluaran
outride outrode outridden mendahului
outrun outran outrun berlari lebih cepat
outsee outsaw outseen outsee
outsell outsold outsold menjual lebih banyak dr
outshine outshined / outshone outshined / outshone lebih cemerlang dr
outshoot outshot outshot outshoot
outsing outsang outsung outsing
outsit outsat outsat tinggal lebih lama dr
outsleep outslept outslept outsleep
outsmell outsmelled / outsmelt outsmelled / outsmelt outsmell
outspeak outspoke outspoken mengucapkan
outspeed outsped outsped outspeed
outspend outspent outspent outspend
outspin outspun outspun outspin
outspring outsprang / outsprung outsprung outspring
outstand outstood outstood outstand
outswear outswore outsworn outswear
outswim outswam outswum outswim
outtell outtold outtold outtell
outthink outthought outthought outthink
outthrow outthrew outthrown outthrow
outwear outwore outworn lebih tahan dr
outwind outwound outwound outwind
outwrite outwrote outwritten outwrite
overbear overbore overborne / overborn menindih
overbid overbid overbid overbid
overbreed overbred overbred overbreed
overbuild overbuilt overbuilt membangun tambahan
overbuy overbought overbought overbuy
overcast overcast overcast mendung
overcome overcame overcome mengatasi
overcut overcut overcut overcut
overdo overdid overdone melebih-lebihkan
overdraw overdrew overdrawn berlebih-lebihan melukiskan peranan
overdrink overdrank overdrunk minum lebih dr
overeat overate overeaten makan terlalu banyak
overfeed overfed overfed meloloh
overhang overhung overhung menganjur
overhear overheard overheard menguping
overlay overlaid overlaid overlay
overleap overleaped / overleapt overleaped / overleapt berlompat-lompat melalui
overlie overlay overlain berbaring di atas
overpay overpaid overpaid membayar lebih banyak dr yg semestinya
override overrode overridden mengesampingkan
overrun overran overrun membanjiri
oversee oversaw overseen mengawasi
oversell oversold oversold terlalu banyak menjual
overset overset overset membingungkan
oversew oversewed oversewn / oversewed oversew
overshoot overshot overshot melampaui
oversleep overslept overslept kesiangan
oversow oversowed oversown / oversowed oversow
overspeak overspoke overspoken overspeak
overspend overspent overspent menyebar uang
overspill overspilled / overspilt overspilled / overspilt sesuatu yg dicurahkan
overspin overspun overspun overspin
overspread overspread overspread menyebarkan
overspring oversprang / oversprung / oversprung overspring
overstand overstood overstood overstand
overstrew overstrewed overstrewn / overstrewed overstrew
overstride overstrode overstridden overstride
overstrike overstruck overstruck overstrike
overtake overtook overtaken menyusul
overthink overthought overthought overthink
overthrow overthrew overthrown menggulingkan
overwear overwore overworn overwear
overwind overwound overwound overwind
overwrite overwrote overwritten menimpa
partake partook partaken mengambil bagian
pay paid paid membayar
plead pleaded / pled pleaded / pled mengaku
prebuild prebuilt prebuilt prebuild
predo predid predone predo
premake premade premade premake
prepay prepaid prepaid prabayar
presell presold presold presell
preset preset preset preset
preshrink preshrank preshrunk preshrink
presplit presplit presplit presplit
proofread proofread proofread mengkoreksi cetakan percobaan
prove proved proven / proved membuktikan
put put put menaruh
quick-freeze quick-froze quick-frozen membekukan cepat-cepat
quit quit / quitted quit / quitted berhenti
read read (sounds like “red”) read (sounds like “red”) membaca
reawake reawoke reawaken reawake
rebid rebid rebid rebid
rebind rebound rebound rebind
rebroadcast rebroadcast / rebroadcasted rebroadcast / rebroadcasted rebroadcast
rebuild rebuilt rebuilt membangun kembali
recast recast recast merombak
recut recut recut recut
redeal redealt redealt redeal
redo redid redone redo
redraw redrew redrawn redraw
reeve reeved / rove reeved / rove Reeve
refit (replace parts) refit / refitted refit / refitted mereparasi (mengganti bagian)
refit (retailor) refitted / refit refitted / refit mereparasi (retailor)
regrind reground reground regrind
regrow regrew regrown tumbuh kembali
rehang rehung rehung rehang
rehear reheard reheard rehear
reknit reknitted / reknit reknitted / reknit reknit
relay (for example tiles) relaid relaid relay (misalnya keramik)
relay (pass along) REGULAR relayed relayed relay (berjalan terus) REGULER
relearn relearned / relearnt relearned / relearnt belajar kembali
relight relit / relighted relit / relighted bernyala lagi
remake remade remade remake
rend rent / rended rent / rended membelah
repay repaid repaid membayar kembali
reread reread reread membaca kembali
rerun reran rerun memutarkan lagi
resell resold resold menjual kembali
resend resent resent mengirim ulang
reset reset reset reset
resew resewed resewn / resewed resew
retake retook retaken merebut kembali
reteach retaught retaught reteach
retear retore retorn retear
retell retold retold menyadur
rethink rethought rethought memikirkan kembali
retread retread retread mempulkanisir
retrofit retrofitted / retrofit retrofitted / retrofit retrofit
rewake rewoke / rewaked rewaken / rewaked rewake
rewear rewore reworn rewear
reweave rewove / reweaved rewoven / reweaved reweave
rewed rewed / rewedded rewed / rewedded rewed
rewet rewet / rewetted rewet / rewetted rewet
rewin rewon rewon rewin
rewind rewound rewound mundur
rewrite rewrote rewritten menulis kembali
rid rid rid membebaskan
ride rode ridden naik
ring rang rung cincin
rise rose risen naik
rive rived riven / rived membelah
roughcast roughcast roughcast yg dibuat secara kasar
run ran run menjalankan
sand-cast sand-cast sand-cast pasir-cor
saw sawed sawed / sawn melihat
say said said mengatakan
see saw seen melihat
seek sought sought mencari
self-feed self-fed self-fed diri feed
self-sow self-sowed self-sown / self-sowed menabur diri
sell sold sold menjual
send sent sent mengirim
set set set mengatur
sew sewed sewn / sewed menjahit
shake shook shaken gemetar
shave shaved shaved / shaven mencukur
shear sheared sheared / shorn geser
shed shed shed gudang
shine shined / shone shined / shone bersinar
shit shit / shat / shitted shit / shat / shitted omong kosong
shoe shoed / shod shoed / shod sepatu
shoot shot shot menembak
show showed shown / showed pertunjukan
shrink shrank / shrunk shrunk menyusut
shrive shrived / shrove shriven mendengarkan pengakuan dosa dan mengampuni
shut shut shut menutup
sight-read sight-read sight-read melihat-membaca
sing sang sung menyanyi
sink sank / sunk sunk wastafel
sit sat sat duduk
skywrite skywrote skywritten skywrite
slay (kill) slew / slayed slain / slayed membunuh (membunuh)
slay (amuse) REGULAR slayed slayed membunuh (menghibur) REGULER
sleep slept slept tidur
slide slid slid meluncur
sling slung slung ambin
slink slinked / slunk slinked / slunk mengendap-endap
slit slit slit celah
smell smelled / smelt smelled / smelt bau
smite smote smitten / smote memukul
sneak sneaked / snuck sneaked / snuck menyelinap
sow sowed sown / sowed menabur
speak spoke spoken berbicara
speed sped / speeded sped / speeded kecepatan
spell spelled / spelt spelled / spelt mengeja
spend spent spent menghabiskan
spill spilled / spilt spilled / spilt tumpahan
spin spun spun berputar
spit spit / spat spit / spat meludah
split split split berpisah
spoil spoiled / spoilt spoiled / spoilt memanjakan
spoon-feed spoon-fed spoon-fed menyuap
spread spread spread menyebar
spring sprang / sprung sprung musim semi
stall-feed stall-fed stall-fed warung-feed
stand stood stood berdiri
stave staved / stove staved / stove juluan
steal stole stolen mencuri
stick stuck stuck tongkat
sting stung stung sengat
stink stunk / stank stunk bau
strew strewed strewn / strewed menaburi
stride strode stridden langkah
strike (delete) struck stricken mogok (menghapus)
strike (hit) struck struck / stricken strike (hit)
string strung strung tali
strip stripped / stript stripped / stript strip
strive strove / strived striven / strived berusaha keras
sublet sublet sublet menyewakan lagi
sunburn sunburned / sunburnt sunburned / sunburnt berjemur
swear swore sworn bersumpah
sweat sweat / sweated sweat / sweated keringat
sweep swept swept menyapu
swell swelled swollen / swelled membengkak
swim swam swum berenang
swing swung swung ayunan
take took taken mengambil
teach taught taught mengajar
tear tore torn air mata
telecast telecast telecast siaran televisi
tell told told menceritakan
test-drive test-drove test-driven menjalankan sbg percobaan
test-fly test-flew test-flown uji-terbang
think thought thought berpikir
thrive thrived / throve thrived / thriven berkembang
throw threw thrown melemparkan
thrust thrust thrust dorongan
tread trod trodden / trod tapak
troubleshoot troubleshot troubleshot memecahkan
typecast typecast typecast menetapkan sbg pemain peranan dr tipe tertentu
typeset typeset typeset mengeset
typewrite typewrote typewritten mengetik
unbear unbore unborn / unborne unbear
unbend unbent unbent meluruskan
unbind unbound unbound memperlonggar
unbuild unbuilt unbuilt unbuild
unclothe unclothed / unclad unclothed / unclad unclothe
underbid underbid underbid menawarkan harga yd lebih rendah
underbuy underbought underbought underbuy
undercut undercut undercut menjual dgn harga yg lebih rendah
underfeed underfed underfed kurang memberi makanan
undergo underwent undergone mengalami
underlay underlaid underlaid mendasari
underlet underlet underlet underlet
underlie underlay underlain mendasari
underrun underran underrun underrun
undersell undersold undersold menjual dgn harga yg lebih rendah
undershoot undershot undershot menembak terlalu rendah dr
underspend underspent underspent underspend
understand understood understood memahami
undertake undertook undertaken melakukan
underthrust underthrust underthrust underthrust
underwrite underwrote underwritten menanggung
undo undid undone membuka
undraw undrew undrawn undraw
unfreeze unfroze unfrozen mencairkan
unhang unhung unhung unhang
unhide unhid unhidden Jangan sembunyikan
unhold unheld unheld unhold
unknit unknitted / unknit unknitted / unknit unknit
unlade unladed unladen / unladed memperturunkan
unlay unlaid unlaid unlay
unlead REGULAR unleaded unleaded unlead REGULER
unlearn unlearned / unlearnt unlearned / unlearnt belajar meninggalkan
unmake unmade unmade unmake
unreeve unreeved / unrove unreeved / unrove unreeve
unsay unsaid unsaid unsay
unsew unsewed unsewn / unsewed unsew
unsling unslung unslung unsling
unspin unspun unspun unspin
unstick unstuck unstuck unstick
unstring unstrung unstrung unstring
unswear unswore unsworn unswear
unteach untaught untaught unteach
unthink unthought unthought unthink
unweave unwove / unweaved unwoven / unweaved unweave
unwind unwound unwound beristirahat
unwrite unwrote unwritten unwrite
uphold upheld upheld menegakkan
upset upset upset bingung
vex vexed / vext vexed / vext menyakitkan hati
wake woke / waked woken / waked bangun
waylay waylaid waylaid mencegat
wear wore worn memakai
weave wove / weaved woven / weaved menenun
wed wed / wedded wed / wedded mengawinkan
weep wept wept menangis
wet wet / wetted wet / wetted basah
whet REGULAR whetted whetted mengasah REGULER
win won won menang
wind wound wound angin
withdraw withdrew withdrawn menarik
withhold withheld withheld menahan
withstand withstood withstood menahan
wring wrung wrung memeras
write wrote written menulis

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